Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Query: Rockwell - Arkansas, Oklahoma

Surname(s): Rockwell

Locales: Arkansas

Query Text:

My father's name was Dale Gene Rockwell born November 14, 1942 . His mother's name was Reba. His father left them either when my grandmother was pregnant with my father or when my father was very little. She then married Mo Mitchell, I'm not sure if that's his real first name. My father had no siblings from Reba but I am trying to find his real father.

My father died almost 19 years ago in 1988 and Reba died in 1984. My father was born in Arkansas, Van Buren I think, but they lived in Oklahoma. I was only 16 when my father died. I have two brothers named Rodney Len Rockwell and Dwayne Thomas Rockwell.

My father, Dale Gene Rockwell, joined the Navy at 15 and retired in 1977 at 35 .

Please help me any way you can.

Contact: Tara Lee Rockwell McNaught [teralee_m [at]]

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