Saturday, January 5, 2008

Query: Rockwell, Ladd - New York

Surname(s): Rockwell, Ladd

Locales: New York, Wisconsin

Query Text:

My gg-grandfather John L. Ladd was married to a woman named Rachel, but we have not known her last name. We have indications that she may have been Rachel Rockwell, daughter of Elias, son of James, son of Adonijah.

Some records indicate that this Rachel Rockwell married a "Mr. Sadd," which may be a misreading of a cursive L as an S. We are searching for persons who know something about this Rachel who, if she in fact married John L. Ladd, was born in New York and lived in Wisconsin in the 1850-1870 time frame.

I know a lot about the descendants of John and Rachel Ladd, and may be able to help some Rockwell researcher bring this branch down to the present time.

Contact: Forrest Ladd [forladd [at]]